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We are building a portal to highlight many of the on-going soil health projects across Washington State. You will be able to find projects by region, crop, and soil challenge, and to link to resources coming out of each project.  Stay tuned for more soon!

Washington Soil Health Initiative logoProjects funded by the Soil Health Initiative

The goal of the Soil Health Initiative RFP was to advance and finalize extension outputs specifically related to soil health. These outputs should share results from soil health related research and/or educate stakeholders on soil health, define soil health, and its benefits to agriculture, the environment and/or humans. Stakeholders can include commercial producers, agricultural professionals (e.g. Extension, Conservation District, NRCS), allied industry (crop consultants, producer organizations), or other audiences that are justified.

The projects listed below were funded in November 2019.

Adopting cover crops for soil health in the Pacific Northwest

Nathan Stacey and Douglas Collins

This project will finalize a Extension publication for western Washington diversified farms focused on recommendations for improving soil health. The publication will focus on cover crop management (i.e., varieties, development, termination strategies, and biomass) and will be based on four year’s data collection from five small farms and two WSU research stations, all located in western Washington.

Digging Deeper, Co-Innovating Soil Health Solutions in Eastern Washington

Maren Friesen, Carol McFarland and Haiying Tao

This project will develop and progress working groups that facilitate soil health co-innovation and identify novel research problems, and initiate a webinar series to build community, foster research and support education. Project investigators will convene a webinar series and live events focused on disseminating soil health related information.

Project Report (pdf)

Soil health field assessment for the Hispanic tree fruit community

Bernardita Sallato-Carmona and Melba Salazar-Gutierrez

This project will deliver a training on soil health targeted towards Hispanic tree fruit farmers. The training will discuss principles of soil health relevant to tree fruit production and demonstrate soil health field assessments to encourage adequate soil diagnosis and monitoring.