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Soil Health Initiative Newsletter

January 2022

Featured Article

Tillage, Soil Health, and Weeds: WSU Organic Transitions Project

Project Details With recent funding acquired from WSU’s BIOAg Grant Program, we initiated an experiment this spring to evaluate the impact that tillage has on soil health metrics, weed populations, and crop growth. To evaluate…


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Soil Health @ WSU


How Interested are Crop Farmers in Using a Fertilizer Derived from Dairy Manure?

It used to be that livestock and crops were integrated on a single farm and manure provided an important source of fertility for crop production. However, the advent of commercial fertilizer, increased specialization on farms and more concentrated livestock operations meant that manure is often viewed as a liability rather than as a resource.

A Fungus Among Us: Improving on Composted Digestate

I really didn’t like this fungus joke at first. But it’s growing on me. And thank goodness for that, because fungus may just be a key component to addressing another issue ripe for CSANR blogpost humor: cow poop.

It’s All About the Critters: Who Can Remove Nitrogen from Dairy Waste?

Here is an ammonia joke for you: Why do chemistry students like studying ammonia? Because it’s pretty basic stuff!

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